Ps5 update error CE-107938-8 Fixed

Today Morning I saw a Reddit post about this Error CE-107938-8 While checking for the Updates of the Games Players are getting this error CE-107938-8 PlayStation has still not rolled out the long-term permanent fix for this error.

CONSOLESHow to fix PS5 update error CE-107938-8

Sony PlayStation has told that in the chat with the people who were reporting this error that they are on the way to fix this error code CE-107938-8.

This error appears when you try to update games like COD, Cold War or any other Games Then after doing that this error code CE-107938-8 appears.

A lot of Reddit users have said that in the Thread it would take around 3 4 days to fix the problem but if you have high-speed internet then you can speed up the process Because while fixing the Error code CE-107938-8 you have to completely delete the Games and Re-install the Game for fixing of the Error Code CE-107938-8

How to Fix the Error Code CE-107938-8 fixed

If you are gettting this error again and again and unable to fix this error then here we have the only way to fix the problem for now.

Currently, we have the temporary fix only for fixing this problem but soon as we get the long-term final fix we will update here to fix the error code CE-107938-8.

Temporary one and only fix for Error Code CE-107938-8

The only one way to fix the Error Code CE-107938-8 is to completely delete the Game i know you are Shocked because if you are getting this error for COD It would take you a lots of time to download the Game for its Size 100GB is very big data for the people having the slow internet connection.

If Your internet is slow try Google DNS for the faster internet connection on the Ps5

The only solution is the RE installing the Game please do that and comeback here and comment if were sucessfull on fixing the problem

Why This Error Code CE-107038-8 appears

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