PS5 Error Code NP-102955-2 fixed (updated)

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Ps4 was launched in 2013 and now on this 2020 November, Ps5 has been launched. Ps5 has been providing the new generation Gaming Experience.

Now A lot of people are enjoying the new PS5 and yes like every other This PS5 has also started Showing the Error and now a lot of PS5 Owners are complaining and doing tweets about the PS5 error.

Ps5 error code NP-102955-2 This Code has been started showing when users try to login their account. Saving is your account from getting comprimised so ps4 shows this error when you type email password and databse data doesn’t match with yours input.

If you are getting this error Code NP-102955-2 then you are getting this error code because of the incorrect login details of username and password.

If you are getting this error code you may have temporary account disabled so this problem appears due to security reasons.

The PSN account will temporary disabled if you try loggging with multuple wrong passwords also so Be Careful on this.

How to Fix Error Code

You can fix this error code using the play station console password for that we wil guide you.

at first check the username and password double check now just do it to fix the error cpde NP-102955-2 .

Now Check if before you are adding some extra spaces or check if your keyword caps lock is on sometime yes it happens with me to so cross check now.

Ok now Put the login username at username section .

Now password : Now if still you are not getting login then please check if your psn server is online for psn status check here

Now if your psn server is

PSN status

Now IF your psn server is down then wait for the server to get live again don’t worry your error code on ps5 np-102955-2

Change username and password to fix the error np -102955-2

Visit here —

ps5 login page with error code NP-102955-2 fixed 2021

Now go to forgot password for

password reset psn

After doing this re-login your ps5 account and then boom your error has been fixed if still you have got the error then post in the comment section.

FAQ on error code NP-102955-2

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