PS5 Error CE-108255-1 Fixed (updated)

PS5 error CE-108255-1 is now a headache now it’s Time for PS5 the new era of gaming experience with next-gen gaming. But the error CE-108255-1 The New PS5 is full of amazing Features but this error has been a big problem now lets.

ps5 error code CE-108255-2 fixed

This Error code CE-108255-1 Has been the Biggest problem after installing the Game and Trying to play the Games It stucks The Game and just Turn mood turn into vain.

This PS5 error code CE-108255-1 is very frustrating on this new ps5 because you are excited to play the Games and suddenly you got to know that you are stuck on the ps5 error code CE-108255.

How to Fix the Error Code CE-108255-1

Updating the System Software

If your ps5 has the oldest version of the System software and application then you have to update your ps5 to the newest version of the software for hassle-free Gameplay and Free of Errors.

How to Update System Software on ps5 ?

Now the Latest Update has been Released for the ps5 on 02/03/2021 recently with many bug fixes now recently about the error code we are discussing this solution will also get fixed with this update.

You can also download the Updated file from here the file is of a 828MB you can download to your USB and update on your ps5 if you are getting easyness on uploading file from ps5 directly you can also do that

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on the system from the menu

Step 3: Go to the System software and click on that

Step 4: Go to System software update

Step 5: Click on the Update System Software

Step 6: Now click on update using internet and your system software will be updated

Precautions for PS5 System software update

  • While downloading the PS5 Firmware please download system images only from the official website of sony playstation If you have downloaded from other sources it may contain malacious files that can crash your playstatin console.
  • Do not turn off the ps5 console during update .

Rebuild your PS5 database in the safe mode

rebuild ps5 database in safe mode

IF your problem has not been solved after the ps5 update also then we have next step to move on Rebuilding the ps5 database for the fixing of the error code CE-1025.

How to Rebuild ps5 database?

  • Turn off your ps5 completely
  • Start your ps5 in the Safe mode
  • Click on Rebuild database on your ps5

Now doing this will fix your ps5 error CE-108255-1 if you have recently triggered by the error and still not fixed I recommend you replace the ps5 console from where you have buyed

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