PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 FIXED

Sometimes when you are trying to connect your PS4 console to youtube, there is an error code showing NP-376028. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 appears in many users console. It is considered as one of the most annoying errors regarding internet error in Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Many PlayStation users have twittered about PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occur when they tried to sign in to Youtube via PS4. They got the same error message again and again after trying to sign. Some users have been claimed that Error code NP-376028 occur after trying to sign in to twitter too. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occurs in Youtube and Twitter.

There may be a problem caused by some other internet issues which we have covered with the legit solutions. Sometimes many errors and issue are originated from the corrupted firmware installed in the PS4 console. There are many such problems to create errors including the DNS server and many more that we will discuss and provide a remedy in down below.

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028

We have seen a Reddit user claiming that he was able to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 which was causing a lot problem in his friend’s Ps4 console. He claims that his friend was getting the same error again and again. They tried restarting and rebooting the console but that was not working at all. They posted questions and ask for the solution in the Playstation official FAQ website but unfortunately, they didn’t get any satisfying information through the solution forums.

We will discuss How he was able to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 in his friend’s console. Before starting the solutions, let’s know a little bit about What is PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 and How it cause in PlayStation Console?

What Is PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028?

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 was introduced after the update of Playstation firmware 7.3 version. After the update, some users were unable to sign in to Youtube and many of them got automatically sign out from the youtube. When they tried to sign in again they got an error message called PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028.

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 freezes the youtube home page. The home page has nothing to show except for some options and settings. Unfortunately, it will deliver the error message code (NP-376028).

How PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 Occurs?

This is the most asked question on the internet. How PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occurs? But there is no official report on the history and origin of the problem. Google and Sony both are trying to solve the problem but the official solution has not got released. There are some solutions which directly connects PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 with these issues that are mentioned below:

  • Not Updating Youtube App: The problems have occurred from not updating Youtube app in PS4. Apps won’t work and sometimes it won’t respond.
  • DNS server error: Error code NP-376028 is an internet error. So some region’s ISP has blocked youtube and twitter temporarily.
  • Rebuild Database: Many applications and games didn’t respond due to not rebuilding the database.
  • Slow and Unstable Internet connectivity: Slow internet is the minor problem of ever internet user and usually it interrupts particular internet activities.
  • Internet not connected: Test your internet before doing anything which requires internet connectivity.

How To Fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028?

There is no official solution provided by the Youtube, Twitter and Playstation developers. But fortunately, we have some trick with works perfectly. These are the secondary solutions which are based on the general errors related to the internet. We have tested in some console and it worked in all of them. We got successfully signed in to youtube in the third attempt.

Here are some solutions to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028. Follow all the steps and try at least more than four times until the problem gets solved.

Update Youtube App

The outdated app won’t work or respond some times. You have to update Youtube App to run it smoothly and with no error. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 might be caused by not updating the youtube app. To update youtube app you need to follow the given instructions easily:

  • From the home, Select the Youtube app in the main menu.
  • Press the Option button on the controller.
  • Scroll down and Select Check for update.
  • Then the Update will start downloading automatically.

After successfully updating YouTube, Relaunch the YouTube app and try to sign in.

Using Custom DNS

DNS server plays the main role when it comes to internet connectivity. Most of the time many site and apps get temporarily blocked in some private DNS server. To fix the PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 code and sign in successfully, you have to configure Public DNS server.

Here are the instructions to configure DNS server in PS4:

  • Go to settings and then network.
  • Now go to set up Internet Connection.
  • Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.
  • Choose Ip Address as Automatic and use proxy ps4 ports as manual and DHCP Do not specify.
  • Use automatic MTU settings.
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar for Example:

If I want to use Google DNS than I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS. Google DNS is also considered as BEST PS4 DNS along with Open DNS.


Can You Play YouTube on PS4?

Yes, We can play YouTube videos on PS4. Open the YouTube app and play the video as you want. You can download Youtube App from the Playstation Store.

Is Netflix Free On PS4?

Absolutely, Netflix app is freely available in the PlayStation store. Just Download Netflix and start streaming TV shows, and movies.

How Do I Watch YouTube In PS4?

You can watch YouTube videos from Youtube TV app which is available for download in the Playstation store. Download and start watching youtube videos.

Do We Have To Pay For YouTube On Ps4?

Open PlayStation Store, select application and search for YouTube. It is free application, download and starts watching videos in 4K for free.

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