PS4 won’t connect to WiFi Fix – 2020

ps4 not connecting to wifi 2020 fix

Every game Now days are online and at ps4 we can’t imagine playing a game without internet connection you buy your new ps4 and found that your ps4 is not connecting to internet I can’t imagine how frustrating it is but don’t worry I have a lots of all possible solution for the error ps4 not connected to an internet or wifi,

Some time not only on New ps4 this problem occurs of not connecting to wifi sometimes suddenly also this error occurs of not connecting ps4 to wifi. if you have faced this issue and solved please share how you solve this error in the comment section I would love to hear you but if still, you have the problem of ps4 not connecting to wifi 2020 then welcome to ps5dns for solving your ps4 issues.

Why ps4 won’t connect to wifi error fix 2020

Some times ps4 won’t connect to wifi due to poor internet connection also the most common problem is due to the poor communication between the router and the ps4 that doesn’t enable to connect wifi with your ps4

  • Why is my ps4 not connecting to WIFI?
  • Connection Failed Error PS4
  • How do I connect my PlayStation to WiFi?

solutions of ps4 not connecting to wifi


  • Bad internet connects for error ps4 not connecting to wifi so check if the internet is working or not.
  • Restart both your ps4 and router to solve error ps4 not connecting to wifi 2020
  • Changing your DNS setting will solve this problem to connect wifi on ps4
  • you can also solve changing wifi transmission mode
  • if you disable N mode on your wifi settings then also error can solve.
  • Rename your SSID of wifi sometimes this will also solve this problem.
  • Update your ps4 in safe mode
  • If all these fails then contact your ISP or contact PlayStation support
  • Solve Endless Proxy Loop

Bad Internet connection

Sometimesps4 won’t connect to wifi due to bad internet connection so check the speed of your wifi with speed checker. maybe due to poor internet connection sometimes glitch may occur

Restart your router fix error ps4 and router

Sometimes Restarting your router and ps4 also solves the problem of ps4 not connecting to wifi. At first, Restart your ps4 and then restart your router to connect after restarting connect your wifi manually from ps4 from staring for connecting wifi with ps4 follow the below steps.

  • Open Home screen of ps4 and then go to settings>>Network
  • Setup internet connection
  • Choose Automatic Ip address and do not touch DHCP option
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings bar e.g in primary DNS settings bar and in Secondary DNS bar Add MTU
  • Click on the Next button then you are ready to connect your ps4 to wifi.

Images to connect and setup wifi

goto settings option

Go to Network option

setup internet connection

Use wifi


choose custom

if Above DNS server doesn’t work for you then use this DNS server

List of fastest ps4 DNS server 2020

Change DNS setting

We have Changed DNS server above so no need to write about it here Changing DNS also helps to connect wifi some times due to DNS settings also cause the ps4 not connecting to wifi.

Change Wifi Transmission Mode to fix error ps4 not connect wifi]

If your ps4 is not connecting to wifi then you can change the transmission mode settings on your wifi router many users have said that doing this has solved their error to solve ps4 not connecting to wifi on 2020.

Change your wifi transmission mode from default to 54mit/ sec this will solve your error. 

if you are unable to do this get instructions here ==>> Changing wifi transmission mode on the router

if your ps4 is still not connecting then don’t worry another way is ready that is disabling N mode on your router. let us do it.

Disable n mode on your router settings


on ps4 forums and youtube, I have got a lot of people saying that Disabling N mode on their router has solved the error of ps4 not connecting to wifi so try to Disable N mode on your router settings

Go to Router settings ==>> Disable N mode 

then restart your router and ps4 then connect it will if still not please mention your problem with comments.

Rename your wifi SSID

Now Rename your wifi SSID with all the above changes so that no stone left unturned then check i am 100% sure this will solve your problem.

Update your ps4 in safe mode

Some time due to an old version of the software also this causes not connect to wifi with ps4 so try to update your ps4 in safe mode so that no problem will occur in updating if you want to know how to update ps4 read here.

Update ps4 in safe mode 


If all these above solutions have worked for you then please don’t forget to make a comment which method has solved your problem if you guys have solved with any other method please comment so that other users will get help.


  1. How do I fix my ps4 not connecting to the Internet?

Check if all the connections are right restarted your router reboot your ps4 to solve the ps4 error not connecting to wifi. check some of the above solutions this might will help you to solve the error.

2. Is the ps4 network down right now?

Check here to check  if your server is running or not 

3. Why can’t my ps4 connect to the server?

Step 1: Restart the PS4™ system. Step 2: PSN or the game’s server may be temporarily unavailable. … Step 3: If the servers are active, run the Internet connection test at Settings> Network> Test Internet Connection and make sure you can connect to the network.







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