PS 5 Latest play station 5 Features and Specications Release date

PS5 Release Date its Features and Specifications

ps5 release date

Everyone now has kept an Eye on News about the Release of ps5. On the market, there are many rumors about Features and specifications even me also. I am very excited to know about the latest Release of play station 5. Many videos on youtube on the prediction of ps5  and articles have been written but no one knows about it.

Sony has also Declared that ps4 is at its end. Sony has Declared that next generation Gaming console will come soon.

What is the ps5 play station 5 Release Date?

Sony has still not announced the fixed date for the release of ps5 gaming console but CEO of sony has already declared about the future of the new generation gaming hardware. Many rumors are already in the market about the play station 5  release .

Still it is not sure about the release but its sure that it will be on the market soon. We even dont knwo about the name of the next generation play statition hardward but we are calloing it a ps5 platy station 5.

Last time the developement of the ps4 was started in 2008 before the release of ps4 so we can also assume predict about the developemnt of ps5 play station 5.

Ps5 Release date 2019 play station 5






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