How To Fix PS5 error code CE-108255-1 (Updated) fixed 2021

If You are Getting the error code CE-108255-2 then you are exactly at the right article landed we have identified the problem and solved and listed the solution. Your Game may not load or crashed then this shows error because of the Corrupted Game File.

Now A Lots of ps5 users are also discussing on the Reddit and we have find out the solutions are tried on our own also to fix the error Code CE-108255-1.

Note : This is a Serious issue also you may need hardware Replacement also for Error Code CE-108255-1

Quick Fix for Error code CE-108255-1

  • Update Your ps5 System software version to the latest version after updating reboot the ps5 and check if the error code again appears on most of the cases this fixes the error code CE-10255-1
  • If You are getting this error on certain Games only while launching the game then Delete the Game and Re-install the Game and see if the error code again appears Go to Settings==>>Storage==>>Reinstall the Game
  • Now Start your ps5 and then you have to Rebuild the ps5 database but in the Safe mode
  • If Still your problem is not fixed then try Resetting your ps5 and then try your ps5 setting with the best and fast ps5 DNS server

Update your ps5 to fix the error CE-108255-1

IF you are doing this for the first time then we are here to manually help you stepwise step to fix the error code CE-108255-1

We will now update our ps5 to fix the error code because sometimes due to an older version of the system software shows this error as this is new console anything can happen so please follow every step to fix the error code CE-108255-1.

How to Update Ps5 to latest firmware ?

The lastest version of the ps5 firmware is updated 1 few days ago on feburary 3 this update has bring out a lots of fixes on the ps5. A lots of users were getting several errors like

Error Code CE-108255-1

error code CE-107938-8 – This error is fixed read now

There are other a lots of error that has been now fixed with the latest update so if you are getting any type of the error code try at first updating the firmware to the latest firmware for doing this follow the steps ahead.

Download latest firmware from here

Steps to update ps5 to latest firmware updated

ps5 firmware update fixed

Step 1 : Go To settings after clicking on the settings you will saw system

Settings System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

At first go to Settings then click on the system

After that Click on the System softwate

Then you will saw the option System software update and settings

Now click on the Update system software using internet then automatically your ps5 firmware will be updated into the latest one now you can try launching the game and see if the error code CE-102855-1 appears while launching the game

If you are getting problem on updating your ps5 then please visit fix and Replace

Reinstall the Game for Corrupted file fix

IF you don’t have the update issue your PS5 has already the latest firmware and then also you are getting this error code on a certain game only then we recommend you to uninstall the game and then reinstall the game on most of the cases due to the corrupted file of the game causing this error code CE-102855-1 to appear while launching the game app.

Rebuilding the ps5 database

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