Corsair H2100 Review in Detail [Updated 2020]

corsir air h2100 best gaming headphones

A good headset doesn’t need to have a premium price meant for only the people with a load of cash to spare. This is very well proved by Corsair’s H2100.  Coming at an affordable price,  this headset delivers great sound and comfort, with relatively classy looks. This has helped this headset to stand out from the crowd.

Wires can be very much of a burden in modern times. People nowadays don’t put up with a wired mouse, a wired keyboard or a wired controller. So, it is only natural that the demand for a wireless headset is so much these days. This is where the affordable Corsair H2100 gaming headset comes in, with a launch price of around sixty dollars, the headset is pretty much of a bargain. Comparing to other wireless headsets, the H2100 is different from the others because of its superb audio quality with Dolby 7.1 surround-sound support. It also focuses hugely on comfort and helpful preset soundscapes. A few additions here and there could have made the H2100 perfect, but hey, nothing is perfect right? Having said that,  At its current state, the Corsair H2100 is still one of the best, affordable wireless headsets in the market.


Corsair H2100 Review


  • Comfortable design
  • High wireless fidelity
  • Great sound
  • Helpful presets


  • Shallow software
  • Slight background hiss




corsir air h2100 headphone


The size of the Corsair H2100 is figuratively astronomical. It measures at 9 x 3.5 x 9.5 inches. The headband and earcups are very huge. This definitely is not a  travel-friendly headset. Besides the size, the core headset has a sleek look. It composes an attractive, black design with comparable hints of yellow. The color really stands out here.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Design

Very Nice and Solid Design with adjustable headband.

The H2100’s built quality is also very nice, It feels really solid, and includes both an adjustable headband and the earcups swivel. The earcups are noticeably large which has an uncanny resemblance to the size of the headset itself. The ear cups do have good padding for increased comfort. The presence of a pivoting microphone on the left side rounds out the device. As the H2100 is a wireless headset, the dongle design is also somewhat important. While the dongle itself is a very small, minimal USB stick. The device does have a long-wired stand so that you can set it up at a convenient place. The whole setup looks very good, almost futuristic. This is a good thing as the gamers are likely to love this design. As we know,  gaming peripherals often have a rebellious design scheme.  The huge size of the headset is the only design flaw that needs to solve. Other than that, the design really sticks out.

Because of the built quality that this thing has, The H2100 very durable with thick plastic tracks and huge earcups. Despite this, the device is relatively lightweight so it does give you that comfort.

The control mechanism that you get is also built into the headset because of it being wireless. The control schemes are pretty sweet as compared to the previous Corsair headsets which were annoyingly outdated. Some good control schemes from the previous models are retained though, the volume roller and microphone flips are similar to some older corsair headsets. The presence of a massive power button built into the left earcup gives that tactile feedback of an older device which is very good, it has a nostalgia to it while the LED indication of the device gives it a futuristic vibe to the overall balance of the design is once again, very very good.



buy gaming headphone corsir h2100


The huge earcups and equally massive padding do make the headset not a thing that could be portable but this design choice really has on of the best comfort that we’ve ever seen on a headset. The headset can be worn for hours without any sort of discomfort. The headband can be adjusted to just about any head shape, and it is even compatible if you wear glasses or have a long hair. The weight of the device is also fascinating, despite having a huge size, it doesn’t weigh much.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Comfort

Big earcups but with lot of comfort.

The only real issue with the H2100 is that the big earcups can sometimes be huge for especially small ears and let some sound leak. This can feel a bit weird to some people and is especially a turn off while playing games in a competitive environment and content that takes the advantage of surround sound. On the other hand, the headset is equally uncomfortable for big ears too, the shape of one’s head plays a crucial role in determining whether the headset has a perfect fit or not.


Audio Performance

The sound signature of the H2100 can be compared with the H1500 meaning, it’s below average. The H2100 consist the same bright sound profile, which after an hour or two is extremely tiring to the ears. It implies that nearly all of the Equalization options in the Corsair’s software has the low end-pumped, meaning it will go as far as +12 decibels. The headset also has a great amount of loudness. However, it does come with the side effect that certain frequencies will make the sound seem distorted or rattled when the volume level is increased.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Audio Performance. Bright sound profile.

The 7.1 Surround Sound despite being a premium feature is not a selling point here, even though Corsair’s dependence on it is heavy. The added directionality is only sometimes noticeable. But in large,  it sounds like a hollowed out stereo headset. In other words, it’s headset surround sound is just average, it’s not meant for serious audiophiles and it’s not cheap for the casuals.

A. Wireless and Battery

The device’s Wireless range is around 30 feet. Noticeable crackles can be heard once you travel a threshold of 20 feet.  Distractions like thick walls generally tend to cut that range down considerably, with a single wall being able to reduce the range by about 10-15 feet. Corsair also has a 4-5 foot antenna you can plug into a USB slot if you want to increase its range.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Battery. 10 hours of battery life.

The battery life on the headset is around ten hours. It’s only a little bit above average with some other headsets providing much more battery life at the same price range. After the battery drains, you have a  wired charger built into a USB port that will charge the headset. Since the wireless dongle also takes a space on the USB slot, 2 slots are required to use the Corsair H2100.

B. Gaming Performance

In One Sentence, the headset is meant for gaming. It’s the headset’s biggest selling point.  The in-game sound on the H2100 is phenomenal. Games such as GTA V, titanfall, and Call Of Duty have a good amount of immersion, and the sound signature while playing these triple-A games is pretty lively.  The optional 7.1 surround sound for these games is impressive. The voice dialogues are crisp and the surrounding game assets sound pretty nice too. Some games do sound a little bit off but that is basically due to the game’s sound itself. Overall, the gaming performance is pretty nice here.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Gaming Performance. Phenomenal in-game sound with optional 7.1 surround sound.

C. Music Performance

In addition to gaming, the headset is also perfect for music enthusiasts. The H2100 delivers much better music performance than most gaming headsets on the market, although the perfection is yet to be attained with small letdowns here and there. There’s a bit of echo and reverberation with the surround sound and the sound is pretty much flat when played on a stereo. Minimal Background hiss doesn’t do the favor either. While this is not a big issue with games, music playback requires a bit of a good sounding headset.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Music Performance. Great Music Performance with minimal background hiss.

In general, the H2100  is just fine for listening to music and the software here provides a good class of presets that helps you to listen to a range of genres flawlessly.

D. Software

Despite having average audio, games sound really good in this headset and all the credit goes to it’s straight to point software. The software is actually very basic and it’s not a competition for some other headset’s software like the Razer Synapse 2.0, Logitech Gaming Software, or SteelSeries Engine 3. But one thing that it has better than the competition is that it gets the gaming preset with absolute precision.

Different than most gaming headset software, which offers genre-specific presets which are very minimal, the Gaming Headset Control Panel offers two gaming presets: one for first-person shooters and one for MMOs. These options actually make a huge difference to how these genres sound, and could potentially make the H2100 better than any good set of standard headphones.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Software

Simple software with minimal features.

The problem in the software, however, lies in its simplicity. It is really simple and features only an equalizer and an option to control the surround sounds. In comparison to software like the SteelSeries Engine 3, which has the freedom for the creation of multiple profiles and game linking to the profiles. Also, some other features such as precise surround-sound calibration are missing here.




The microphone works very well. Skype calls are fluently clear and the microphone handles the background noises flawlessly. The software microphone controls, however, has a limited amount of options which is a big bummer. The microphone also has a weird tape hiss sound in the background, but other than that, the headset is very good at voice reproduction. The fact that you can flip up the boom mic to mute can be a selling point for some> This simple feature wasn’t present in the previous iteration.

Corsair H2100 Review Based on Microphone. Clear Microphone with low background noises.



Corsair H2100 Review Based on Specifications:

  • Headphones Form Factor: Circumaural
  • Size9 x 3.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight22 oz
  • ConnectionWireless USB
  • Headphones Cup Type: Closed
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Diaphragm: 2 inches
  • Microphone Technology: Electret condenser
  • Microphone Operation Mode: uni-directional
  • Response Bandwidth: 100 Hz
  • Audio Input Detail: Uni-directional – 100 – 10000 Hz
  • Output Impedance: 2.2 kOhm
  • Radio Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
  • Connector Type; 4 pin USB Type A
  • Included Accessories: USB dongle


Benefits and Letdowns


  • Comfortable design
  • High wireless fidelity
  • Great sound
  • Helpful presets
  • Wireless headset for an extremely cheap price
  • On-the-fly controls built into the headset


  • Shallow software
  • Slight background hiss
  • Bright sound profile causes ear fatigue
  • Ears not very padded


Box Content

Inside the box you get:

  • The headset itself with a 3.5 mm jack
  • A quick user guide/ manual
  • An alternate cable for PC connection
  • A USB Dongle for wireless reception and Charging


Buy or Pass?


The best part of the H2100 is the wireless freedom that it exerts. You can basically just sit on a couch and enjoy your content with ease.  A small letdown though is that the Corsair H2100 is not PS4 compatible. It would have been a   great addition if Corsair had included an Aux or even an optical point into the base receiver so that the sound would pass. The headset currently is only compatible with the PC.

The H2100 is also not a fantastic wireless headset. It is though, a cheap wireless headset. Some other companies are known to deploy a huge price for wireless headsets. But Corsair has this alternative although the cut back is done on the sound quality here with the sound quality not being up to the par. Still, the design and software features make up for the loss in sound quality. It’s really hard to find a better deal at this price point elsewhere.

H2100 is a  gaming headset that gets almost everything done and comes at a really affordable price. Although it’s really hard to carry around because of its massive sound and really average audio, the design choices are pretty neat, the software is well made and the headset has a good premium feel to it.

If you are looking for a solid wireless headset and your budget is tight, this headset is really a good option. We recommend this headset for the mentioned situation.


Final Verdict

The Vengeance H2100 retails for around that hundred dollars mark which is really less than some other headset in the market. The H2100 would be a really good deal because you will have that wireless freedom on a budget and it is also perfect for newbie PC gamers who just want to have fun while gaming. In both cases, the H2100 is an amazing product that is priced reasonably well.

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