Are you Frustrated with ps5 error CE-10005-6 (Fixed) (updated)

PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6

Just now if you were installing the Game on your PS5 and then you have got the popout with the Common error CE-10005-6 on your screen with a copy or download error.

Don’t worry we have find out the solution for the error code CE-10005-6. Continue Reading this post for the possible reasons for the error code CE-10005-6.

Why you get ps5 error CE-10005-6 ?

ps5 error CE-10005-6
ps5 error code CE-10005-6 fixed

You are getting this error code due the error in reading the data from the disc. This may be due to the system getting down or dirt and dust in the disc so before proceeding please clean your disk and drive on your ps5 before installing and copying the data.

How to Fix Error Code CE-10005-6?

Sony PlayStation has also stated on the official website about the error code solution and today here also we are going to discuss the same error solution from the different online blog sources and other social media and forums for the solution of error code CE-10005-6.

  • Complete Reboot of the ps5.
  • Restart your ps5 console to fix the error code CE-10005-6
  • Please try any other disc that is a clean and readable disc

Free the ps5 internal storage to fix the Error CE-10005-6

A lots of Reddit users has said that in the forum free up the ps5 internal storage has helped them to fix the error code. While doing Research i got to know that due to the internal storage and clean disc is the Reason for fixing the error code CE-10005-6

This error code is not encountered due to the bugs or any other internet problems so no need to panic please clean the disc and insert if still not works then i would recommend you exchanging the disc from the shop you have buyed the disc.

A lots of other Reddit users have also talked about this Error code CE-10005-6 if you wanna join the discussion then you can read it here

reddit forum ps5

Restart your ps5 to fix the Error CE-10005-6

As we All know ps5 is a brand New console and has a lots of hardware error also sometime system get busy and confuse for handling the queries and drivers.

Sometime it also affects on the disk drive on reading the data from the disc and your ps5 starts throwing the error code CE-10005-6.

So we recommend you to Re-start your ps5 with complete reboot that will help to solve the error code if it is due to the system failure.

After doing this please check if your ps5 has its updated ps5 system software if you haven’t updated to latest firmware you can do that for latest and updated bug fixes that will help you to play hassle free gameplay.

Did You Fixed the Error code CE-10005-6?

Hey its me Hemant chaudhary A writer of i wanna know if you were able to fixed your ps5 error code CE-10005-6.

I have read a lots of forums and Social media posts and comments, blog about this error but i have got to know only the two solutions that are working to fix this error code CE-10005-6.

The first step is rebooting the ps5 , cleaning the Disc with soft clothes remember it should not have any dirt and scratches. and another solution is free up some internal storage on the ps5.

Reasons for error CE-10005-6

  • The main Reason for the error CE-10005-6 is old disc or corrupted disc that is stopping from the data read and copy error please also check if the disc has some scratches .
  • The other common reason is unsupported disc inserted into ps5 check if those ps4 games are supported and can be played on your ps5.
  • If your ps5 has hardware problelm on reading the disc then please check also that at first clean with soft clothes both disc and disk drive.

Error code E2-0000000000 ps5 fixed (updated method)

E2-00000000 fixed

If you are getting this weird error E2-0000000000 while installing the Game like cold of war, Persona 5 Royal, and lots of other Games.

From Reddit I came to know that people are also getting this error code due to Ufc 4 disk please make sure your disc is clean as it has to be otherwise you will get this error code E2-0000000000

What is Error code E2-0000000000 (Fixed)

This error code E2-0000000000 is due to the older version of the Game which is not updated properly to comply with the latest gaming console play station 5. While installing the Game you will get this weird error really E2-0000000000 this looks so weird.

If you are Encountering this Error E2-0000000000 then dont worry you are not alone a lots of PS5 owners are getting this shit.

How to Fix Error Code E2-0000000000 (Fixed)

There are a lots of possible Reasons for the Error code E2-0000000000 we are going to solve the error from the all possible reasons that can be hurdle.

Rebooting the play station 5 ( PS5)

A lots of time Rebooting the ps5 helps to solve the appearing Error codes and yes this is due to the bugs appearing, system fault, bad internet connection flow. So Rebooting the system helps to restart the ps5 completely and if there is any problem they can be fixed so at first trying from any other methods try to Reboot your ps5 to fix the error code E2-0000000000.


How To Fix PS5 error code CE-108255-1 (Updated) fixed 2021

CE-102855-1 fixed ps5

If You are Getting the error code CE-108255-2 then you are exactly at the right article landed we have identified the problem and solved and listed the solution. Your Game may not load or crashed then this shows error because of the Corrupted Game File.

Now A Lots of ps5 users are also discussing on the Reddit and we have find out the solutions are tried on our own also to fix the error Code CE-108255-1.

Note : This is a Serious issue also you may need hardware Replacement also for Error Code CE-108255-1

Quick Fix for Error code CE-108255-1

  • Update Your ps5 System software version to the latest version after updating reboot the ps5 and check if the error code again appears on most of the cases this fixes the error code CE-10255-1
  • If You are getting this error on certain Games only while launching the game then Delete the Game and Re-install the Game and see if the error code again appears Go to Settings==>>Storage==>>Reinstall the Game
  • Now Start your ps5 and then you have to Rebuild the ps5 database but in the Safe mode
  • If Still your problem is not fixed then try Resetting your ps5 and then try your ps5 setting with the best and fast ps5 DNS server

Update your ps5 to fix the error CE-108255-1

IF you are doing this for the first time then we are here to manually help you stepwise step to fix the error code CE-108255-1

We will now update our ps5 to fix the error code because sometimes due to an older version of the system software shows this error as this is new console anything can happen so please follow every step to fix the error code CE-108255-1.

How to Update Ps5 to latest firmware ?

The lastest version of the ps5 firmware is updated 1 few days ago on feburary 3 this update has bring out a lots of fixes on the ps5. A lots of users were getting several errors like

Error Code CE-108255-1

error code CE-107938-8 – This error is fixed read now

There are other a lots of error that has been now fixed with the latest update so if you are getting any type of the error code try at first updating the firmware to the latest firmware for doing this follow the steps ahead.

Download latest firmware from here

Steps to update ps5 to latest firmware updated

ps5 firmware update fixed

Step 1 : Go To settings after clicking on the settings you will saw system

Settings System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

At first go to Settings then click on the system

After that Click on the System softwate

Then you will saw the option System software update and settings

Now click on the Update system software using internet then automatically your ps5 firmware will be updated into the latest one now you can try launching the game and see if the error code CE-102855-1 appears while launching the game

If you are getting problem on updating your ps5 then please visit fix and Replace

Reinstall the Game for Corrupted file fix

IF you don’t have the update issue your PS5 has already the latest firmware and then also you are getting this error code on a certain game only then we recommend you to uninstall the game and then reinstall the game on most of the cases due to the corrupted file of the game causing this error code CE-102855-1 to appear while launching the game app.

Rebuilding the ps5 database

Ps5 update error CE-107938-8 Fixed

CONSOLESHow to fix PS5 update error CE-107938-8

Today Morning I saw a Reddit post about this Error CE-107938-8 While checking for the Updates of the Games Players are getting this error CE-107938-8 PlayStation has still not rolled out the long-term permanent fix for this error.

CONSOLESHow to fix PS5 update error CE-107938-8

Sony PlayStation has told that in the chat with the people who were reporting this error that they are on the way to fix this error code CE-107938-8.

This error appears when you try to update games like COD, Cold War or any other Games Then after doing that this error code CE-107938-8 appears.

A lot of Reddit users have said that in the Thread it would take around 3 4 days to fix the problem but if you have high-speed internet then you can speed up the process Because while fixing the Error code CE-107938-8 you have to completely delete the Games and Re-install the Game for fixing of the Error Code CE-107938-8

How to Fix the Error Code CE-107938-8 fixed

If you are gettting this error again and again and unable to fix this error then here we have the only way to fix the problem for now.

Currently, we have the temporary fix only for fixing this problem but soon as we get the long-term final fix we will update here to fix the error code CE-107938-8.

Temporary one and only fix for Error Code CE-107938-8

The only one way to fix the Error Code CE-107938-8 is to completely delete the Game i know you are Shocked because if you are getting this error for COD It would take you a lots of time to download the Game for its Size 100GB is very big data for the people having the slow internet connection.

If Your internet is slow try Google DNS for the faster internet connection on the Ps5

The only solution is the RE installing the Game please do that and comeback here and comment if were sucessfull on fixing the problem

Why This Error Code CE-107038-8 appears

PS5 Error CE-108255-1 Fixed (updated)

ps5 error CE-108255-1 fixed

PS5 error CE-108255-1 is now a headache now it’s Time for PS5 the new era of gaming experience with next-gen gaming. But the error CE-108255-1 The New PS5 is full of amazing Features but this error has been a big problem now lets.

ps5 error code CE-108255-2 fixed

This Error code CE-108255-1 Has been the Biggest problem after installing the Game and Trying to play the Games It stucks The Game and just Turn mood turn into vain.

This PS5 error code CE-108255-1 is very frustrating on this new ps5 because you are excited to play the Games and suddenly you got to know that you are stuck on the ps5 error code CE-108255.

How to Fix the Error Code CE-108255-1

Updating the System Software

If your ps5 has the oldest version of the System software and application then you have to update your ps5 to the newest version of the software for hassle-free Gameplay and Free of Errors.

How to Update System Software on ps5 ?

Now the Latest Update has been Released for the ps5 on 02/03/2021 recently with many bug fixes now recently about the error code we are discussing this solution will also get fixed with this update.

You can also download the Updated file from here the file is of a 828MB you can download to your USB and update on your ps5 if you are getting easyness on uploading file from ps5 directly you can also do that

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on the system from the menu

Step 3: Go to the System software and click on that

Step 4: Go to System software update

Step 5: Click on the Update System Software

Step 6: Now click on update using internet and your system software will be updated

Precautions for PS5 System software update

  • While downloading the PS5 Firmware please download system images only from the official website of sony playstation If you have downloaded from other sources it may contain malacious files that can crash your playstatin console.
  • Do not turn off the ps5 console during update .

Rebuild your PS5 database in the safe mode

rebuild ps5 database in safe mode

IF your problem has not been solved after the ps5 update also then we have next step to move on Rebuilding the ps5 database for the fixing of the error code CE-1025.

How to Rebuild ps5 database?

  • Turn off your ps5 completely
  • Start your ps5 in the Safe mode
  • Click on Rebuild database on your ps5

Now doing this will fix your ps5 error CE-108255-1 if you have recently triggered by the error and still not fixed I recommend you replace the ps5 console from where you have buyed

PS5 Error Code NP-102955-2 fixed (updated)

new ps5 launched
New ps5 Console

Ps4 was launched in 2013 and now on this 2020 November, Ps5 has been launched. Ps5 has been providing the new generation Gaming Experience.

Now A lot of people are enjoying the new PS5 and yes like every other This PS5 has also started Showing the Error and now a lot of PS5 Owners are complaining and doing tweets about the PS5 error.

Ps5 error code NP-102955-2 This Code has been started showing when users try to login their account. Saving is your account from getting comprimised so ps4 shows this error when you type email password and databse data doesn’t match with yours input.

If you are getting this error Code NP-102955-2 then you are getting this error code because of the incorrect login details of username and password.

If you are getting this error code you may have temporary account disabled so this problem appears due to security reasons.

The PSN account will temporary disabled if you try loggging with multuple wrong passwords also so Be Careful on this.

How to Fix Error Code

You can fix this error code using the play station console password for that we wil guide you.

at first check the username and password double check now just do it to fix the error cpde NP-102955-2 .

Now Check if before you are adding some extra spaces or check if your keyword caps lock is on sometime yes it happens with me to so cross check now.

Ok now Put the login username at username section .

Now password : Now if still you are not getting login then please check if your psn server is online for psn status check here

Now if your psn server is

PSN status

Now IF your psn server is down then wait for the server to get live again don’t worry your error code on ps5 np-102955-2

Change username and password to fix the error np -102955-2

Visit here —

ps5 login page with error code NP-102955-2 fixed 2021

Now go to forgot password for

password reset psn

After doing this re-login your ps5 account and then boom your error has been fixed if still you have got the error then post in the comment section.

FAQ on error code NP-102955-2

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How to Change NAT type on ps5

how to change nat type on ps5

To solve the network connectivity issues on the ps5 change your NAT type to fix the error

Are you here searching for changing NAT Type on ps5 then you are at the right place. On This new Console ps5 sometimes user are reporting connectivity issues while playing the Games on the ps5.

Common Reason For Connectivity on ps5 ( Play station 5):

  • NAT Type Error on ps5 causing the Network high ping issues.
  • Poor Network Connection
  • DNS Issues on the ps5

If you are facing a high ping Rate on ps5 in the middle of the gam or sudden No Network issues then you have to fix the NAT type on the ps4. So to solve this lagging and headche problem today we are going to know.

  • What is NAT Type
  • How to Check NAT Type on ps5.
  • How to Change NAT Type on the ps5.
  • How do I change my NAT type to open?
  • What does NAT Type 3 mean on ps4?

It means today we will know about all possbile problems and solutions on the ps5 Read article till the last so that you will know what i am going to tell you today here.

What is Nat Type on ps5?

NAT means (Network address translation ) that translates the IP address of all Devices into a Public IP Address for faster data transmission and it is used for limiting the number of IP addresses used in a network.

Advantages of NAT type for ps5

  • It helps in fixing the party chat errors on PS5.
  • It helps in fixing the PS5 Nat type error on ps5.
  • It uses low processing on the system so data processing is also faster on the PS5 network.
  • NAT Type helps in hiding the internal IP address of the users.

Disadvantages of NAT type on PS5?

  • NAT type sometimes flows the error making slow internet connection or exit from the game.
  • NAT has limitation for minimum logging devices.
  • Some times NAT types shows error while running some apps

How to Check NAt type on ps5.

You can Check the NAT type on PS5 like below.

  • Step 1: Open the PS5 ettings Menu option.
  • Step 2: Click on the Network option on PS5.
  • Step 3: Now click on the View connection status on ps5.
  • Step 4: You will now Get a Screen for Network status on ps5 screen.
  • Step 5: Now click on the connection status
Nat Type ps5

Now you will see your status and what is your NAT type too on ps5. Now we will Know how to change the NAT type on ps5.

How to change NAT type on ps5?

You can Change NAT type with just few clicks on ps5. If you are going to change the NAT type on the ps5 then change carefully otherwise another error will be born so try to fix with our steps or with the help of any other technician.

If you make mistakes theses errors will appear on the screen

nat type failed ps5 hotspot

nat type failed ps5 mobile hotspot

Steps to fix the PS5 NAT types issues

At first, open the browser on your PC and then enter the IP address that will help to access the router settings. ` check on the backside of your router you will see address to acces.

Router settings

You will See the homepage like the above after login with username and password if you know the user name and password if you don’t know the username and password then check on the back side of your router you will see a sticker with username and password.

Now Click on the forwarding option on the router which is just above the security option. After clicking on the forwarding option click on the UPnP option (Universal plug and play).

This is a protocol on the Router to discover the devices on the network.

TP link router settings for UPnP

Enable UPnP option on the Router settings.

There are Two Types of Methods for Changing the NAT type on the PS5 choose the second method first one is dangerous if anything fails you have to re-configure again.

You can Configure it by putting it into the DMZ and the other option is to forward PS4 ports to open.

How to Forward PS4 ports to open

NAT (Network address Translation)

How to port forward your PlayStation 5

  • Step 1: Click on the Settings on your PS5 from the Menu

Click on the settings option on the ps5
  • Step 2: Click on the Network option on your ps5
Network option on the ps5
  • Step 3: Now after clicking on the Network you will get the option view connection status.
view connection status
Ip address of ps5 copy it

Copy that IP address and mac address on paper or notebook

Now after Doing this Note the IP address of your PS4 it will be later needed while configuring the ps4 port Also Note the Mac address the Of your ps4 it will be also needed later.

Now above all the steps of router are mention above for changing the NAT type on the PS4.

Now we have to manually assign the static IP address that you have copied from the ps4.

Now we have to add the TCP and UDP ports you can choose from below listed

TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 and UDP 3478, 3479

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 FIXED

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 FIXED

Sometimes when you are trying to connect your PS4 console to youtube, there is an error code showing NP-376028. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 appears in many users console. It is considered as one of the most annoying errors regarding internet error in Sony PlayStation 4 console.

Many PlayStation users have twittered about PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occur when they tried to sign in to Youtube via PS4. They got the same error message again and again after trying to sign. Some users have been claimed that Error code NP-376028 occur after trying to sign in to twitter too. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occurs in Youtube and Twitter.

There may be a problem caused by some other internet issues which we have covered with the legit solutions. Sometimes many errors and issue are originated from the corrupted firmware installed in the PS4 console. There are many such problems to create errors including the DNS server and many more that we will discuss and provide a remedy in down below.

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028

We have seen a Reddit user claiming that he was able to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 which was causing a lot problem in his friend’s Ps4 console. He claims that his friend was getting the same error again and again. They tried restarting and rebooting the console but that was not working at all. They posted questions and ask for the solution in the Playstation official FAQ website but unfortunately, they didn’t get any satisfying information through the solution forums.

We will discuss How he was able to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 in his friend’s console. Before starting the solutions, let’s know a little bit about What is PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 and How it cause in PlayStation Console?

What Is PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028?

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 was introduced after the update of Playstation firmware 7.3 version. After the update, some users were unable to sign in to Youtube and many of them got automatically sign out from the youtube. When they tried to sign in again they got an error message called PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028.

PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 freezes the youtube home page. The home page has nothing to show except for some options and settings. Unfortunately, it will deliver the error message code (NP-376028).

How PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 Occurs?

This is the most asked question on the internet. How PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 occurs? But there is no official report on the history and origin of the problem. Google and Sony both are trying to solve the problem but the official solution has not got released. There are some solutions which directly connects PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 with these issues that are mentioned below:

  • Not Updating Youtube App: The problems have occurred from not updating Youtube app in PS4. Apps won’t work and sometimes it won’t respond.
  • DNS server error: Error code NP-376028 is an internet error. So some region’s ISP has blocked youtube and twitter temporarily.
  • Rebuild Database: Many applications and games didn’t respond due to not rebuilding the database.
  • Slow and Unstable Internet connectivity: Slow internet is the minor problem of ever internet user and usually it interrupts particular internet activities.
  • Internet not connected: Test your internet before doing anything which requires internet connectivity.

How To Fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028?

There is no official solution provided by the Youtube, Twitter and Playstation developers. But fortunately, we have some trick with works perfectly. These are the secondary solutions which are based on the general errors related to the internet. We have tested in some console and it worked in all of them. We got successfully signed in to youtube in the third attempt.

Here are some solutions to fix PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028. Follow all the steps and try at least more than four times until the problem gets solved.

Update Youtube App

The outdated app won’t work or respond some times. You have to update Youtube App to run it smoothly and with no error. PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 might be caused by not updating the youtube app. To update youtube app you need to follow the given instructions easily:

  • From the home, Select the Youtube app in the main menu.
  • Press the Option button on the controller.
  • Scroll down and Select Check for update.
  • Then the Update will start downloading automatically.

After successfully updating YouTube, Relaunch the YouTube app and try to sign in.

Using Custom DNS

DNS server plays the main role when it comes to internet connectivity. Most of the time many site and apps get temporarily blocked in some private DNS server. To fix the PS4 Youtube Error NP-376028 code and sign in successfully, you have to configure Public DNS server.

Here are the instructions to configure DNS server in PS4:

  • Go to settings and then network.
  • Now go to set up Internet Connection.
  • Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.
  • Choose Ip Address as Automatic and use proxy ps4 ports as manual and DHCP Do not specify.
  • Use automatic MTU settings.
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar for Example:

If I want to use Google DNS than I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS. Google DNS is also considered as BEST PS4 DNS along with Open DNS.


Can You Play YouTube on PS4?

Yes, We can play YouTube videos on PS4. Open the YouTube app and play the video as you want. You can download Youtube App from the Playstation Store.

Is Netflix Free On PS4?

Absolutely, Netflix app is freely available in the PlayStation store. Just Download Netflix and start streaming TV shows, and movies.

How Do I Watch YouTube In PS4?

You can watch YouTube videos from Youtube TV app which is available for download in the Playstation store. Download and start watching youtube videos.

Do We Have To Pay For YouTube On Ps4?

Open PlayStation Store, select application and search for YouTube. It is free application, download and starts watching videos in 4K for free.

How To Install PS4 Firmware?


When Sony releases the new version of firmware in the market, most of the users get eager to install the new update. The new update brings new features which reduce the bugs, errors and many other issues in the PS4 system. There are many recent version with free of bugs and errors available to run the firmware you need to install it first.

The latest version of firmware brings a lot of features such as new gaming mode, new lobby and makes games smoother than lag-free. The new update brings more strong network connectivity system by improving the older features. It has also added more remote control features with more comparable to another device. The system firmware also improves the performance of the console.


There are many ways to install the firmware in Play Station 4. Each method requires separate things to perform the update. Before beginning with the methods we would like to mention some requirement. Make sure you have the following things to perform the system update.

  • USB: You need the USB to update PS4 firmware. The USB should be free of space and minimum requirement of memory size is more than 8GB.
  • Fast internet connection: Fast internet connection is required to download the firmware of the console. Make sure you have broadband fibre connection which gives speed between 1MBPS to 5 MBPS bandwidth.
  • PC: Yes the computer requires to install the firmware from the manual method of installing firmware from Pc. The minimum pc requirement for the procedure is intel i3 core.
  • DUALSHOCK: Dual Shock controller helps to control the system options, it helps to select and okay and cancelling the process. It helps to control the entire mode.


There are many methods to install the system software of the Play Station console. All the methods and instructions are 100% legit and also help you to install the firmware without any problem or errors. Before getting started make sure you have all the required things that are mentioned earlier.



Here are the reinstallation requirements before reinstalling ps4 firmware, check out once.

  • Download PS4 System Software update
  • Using a PC or Mac, create a folder on the FAT32 USB named “PS4”. Inside that folder, create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  • Visit the system software page and select the ‘Reinstall system software’ section. Download the installation file and save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • Ensure that the “PS4” folder is at the root of the USB storage device, and not contained in another folder:
  • USB (D:) > PS4 > UPDATE.
  • connect a DS4 controller (using a USB cable) and the USB drive to the PS4 system.
  • Start the PS4 system in Safe Mode: press and hold the power button, releasing after the second beep.
  • Select Safe Mode option 7 “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)”.
  • Select [Update from USB Storage Device] > [OK].

Once the System software is installed successfully, restart the console.


The most amazing features of play station console are that it automatically downloads the system and other games updates. This automatically downloading update is enabled by default when the play station console is in rest mode. This is the most amazing, faster and easy method to download and install the recent version of Play station 4 because it automatically downloads the system and reduces the time of file zipping and making external device bootable.

To check if this setting is enabled, go to [Settings] > [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode], and make sure there is a checkmark next to the following settings:

  • Stay Connected to the Internet.
  • Enable Turning On PS4™ from Network.
  • With these settings enabled, all you have to do is leave your PS4™ in rest mode when you are not using it, and the update will download as soon as it is available.
  • To enter rest mode, press and hold the PlayStation button while the system is on, then select [Enter Rest Mode], and press the X button.
  • Your system should now be installed to the latest software version and you may continue to enjoy the full range of PS4™ products and services.

Hope this method will perfectly work on your device. Follow all the method wisely and turn yourself into a home-professional developer. How to install firmware in PS4 will help you to install and reduce all the possible risks while performing the procedures.



You can reinstall your PS4 Firmware by downloading your PS4 firmware and installing it in safe mode. Follow these steps to reinstall Ps4 in your firmware:

  • At first, create a backup file in external storage media
  • Copy & Paste Download firmware in USB
  • Head to Safe Mode and boot
  • Choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) on your PS4.


Yes, it is possible to downgrade PS4 firmware but its risky. As the security patch is outdated anyone can penetrate and break into your system. Most of the bugs and glitches are fixed in the latest patch so better to use the latest version.


You can check the system version by going to [Settings] > [System] > [System Information] screen.


The Latest version of ps4 system software is 7.50.


Fastest ps4 dns server list 2020


Fastest ps4 DNS server list

Getting slow and fluctuated internet connectivity while playing games in Play Station 4 is the most annoying issue of all PS4 users. Playstation 4 internet is like a snail that crawls very slow. Whenever you get slow ping while gaming all the experience of the game gets distracted and you even get frustrated due to the laggy and slow internet connectivity in your Playstation 4 console.

You enchanter slow internet connection due to the slow DNS private server provided by the ISP or sometime the internet might be slower than before. Most of the cases the users had configured bad DNS server settings into their PlayStation 4 or any devices which causes them slow download and internet surfing speed. At the time many Public DNS server providers configure and update their server to make the internet the way better than using a private DNS server provided by ISP.

Besides, it is a fluctuation breaker to have the Fastest DNS Server for PS4 to improve all your gaming experience and fix errors reconnecting issues while gameplay. Using Fastest DNS Server for PS4 makes your game smoother and you will get maximum FPS in gameplay and your gameplay will be even Extreme fun while playing.

You have been eager to have the Fastest DNS Server for PS4 and smooth experience. So in this article, we will share some top speed provider DNS servers and how to configure DNS settings in PS4.


Generally, a DNS server (Domain Name System) which contains various URLs with their IP address. Like it helps to translate domain name (i.e into their IP addresses (i.e There are two types of DNS servers i.e Public DNS and Private DNS server. Public DNS servers are those servers which are provided by the international companies whose works are privates whereas private DNS servers are provided by the ISP and they are not secure as Public DNS server. While there are other reasons for getting slower internet might be a Rebuild database of PS4 but we have Top 10 fastest DNS server list for configuring to get a fast connection and will achieve decent ping while gaming. Here are some best fastest DNS server listed down below:


Below a list of Fastest and Best Dns Servers For Ps4:

Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
DNS Advantage
German Privacy Foundation e.V. Deutschland
OpenDNS Home
Comodo Secure DNS
privat Deutschland
Christoph Hochstätter USA
Norton ConnectSafe
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Above are the best free DNS servers for ps4 to achieve good internet connectivity.

Primary DNS is also called preferred DNS e.g if you want to use Google DNS server ps4.

*Secondary DNS Are also called alternate DNS for e.g if you want to use the Cloudflare DNS server for ps4.


Getting started to connect the fastest DNS server for ps4 console, you have to follow all these instructions in order to connect in well manner way. Follow all these steps from the given instruction to connect custom DNS in ps4.

  • Go to settings and then network.
  • Now go to set up Internet Connection.
  • Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.
  • Choose Ip Address as Automatic and use proxy ps4 ports as manual and DHCP Do not specify.
  • Use automatic MTU settings.
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar e.g

If I want to use Google DNS than I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS. Google DNS is also considered as BEST PS4 DNS along with Open DNS.


There are many reasons behind the DNS server uses. Here are some of the common reasons why we use the DNS server?

Basically, a DNS server (Domain Name System) which contains various URLs with their IP address. So considering these point are the base of DNS servers using reasons not only in the console but also in other devices too.

  1. Secured: The Public DNS server is more secure than a private DNS server. DNS act like a firewall against the virus, spam, and redirects. So the public DNS will protect you from phishing, email spammers, and viruses with boosting smoother gaming experience.
  2. Increased Download Speed: Well having DNS will increase your speed, as you need to configure with the nearest DNS server provider and it the connection between your computer will be better. It will enhance the download speed by certain numbers and help you to get maximum bandwidth while downloading games.
  3. Unblock certain websites: ISP can block certain apps and websites in their private DNS server. Like Youtube, Netflix is banned in some specific location by there ISP or that service is not available in that region. In that case, you can use Public DNS to access blocked apps and websites from any part of the world.


Namebench is a Domain Name System benchmark utility software which is compared DNS and find the fastest one for an individual or organization. It is developed by GOOGLE Inc under the Apache License 2.0. It tests can be performed in Windows, macOS, and UNIX. There are many versions available for Namebench, which are explained in the download section. Be wise to choose your preferences.

1. Download and Install

Namebench is an opensource utility which is available on its official web page. Here are the quick download links of Official Download Page. You can download any version depending on your user preferences. To avoid the coding process for testing DNS servers, just download portable versions.

Run as administrator to install (WINDOWS) or Drag the .dmg to the application folder (mac) to install Namebench.

2. Run the test

To know which DNS is fastest among all free DNS, Copy and paste the primary and secondary DNS address by separating using comma (,) and space and put into the Nameserver field.

namebench setting
namebench setting

You can also filter the testing queries. To filter DNS queries follow the following instructions easily:

  • Check on Best available regional DNS servers.
  • Check on Global DNS providers (Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, UltraDNS, etc)

Query Data Source: Click on it and select Top 2000 website (Alexa)

Number of Queries: How many times a DNS server will be tested to increase the performance and stability. 50 will be perfect to test because increasing numbers may get your test time higher.

3. Checking Results

After the completion of the Test, you will get test results in which will be loaded in your default browser. To get faster result according to our recommended settings.

‘Avg ms’ is the main column to check because it will indicate the average speed of loading websites.

Looking at our result.

Somehow our result has been published in Internet Explorer, maybe the old version of the software.

Ultra DNS is the fastest DNS among all the DNS according to the result. Before customize, let us tell you Ultra DNS is paid DNS server. You need to subscribe to the Ultra DNS.

fastest DNS server
namebench result

Here are some Free DNS which are performed very good at test:

  • (Cloudflare)
  • (OpenDNS)
  • (GoogleDNS secondary server)



Just go to settings > Network  > Custom and follow the instructions. When you get to the DNS options type in primary and secondary DNS from above-listed DNS services.


The primary DNS is and the secondary DNS is It is the DNS server provided by Google and probably the best DNS server among all the Public DNS servers.


We recommend to use the Google DNS server as google’s server is available all over the world.


If the DNS is assigned by your ISP provider then you can contact your ISP or just enter your router IP address in the web bar and go to your router settings panel to see your DNS structure.


Usually, Private DNS are those DNS servers that are provided by the ISP.

Conclusion: These are the Best Public DNS server provided by the Private corporation companies like Google, Cloudflare. All the DNS servers listed here are public DNS servers. There are two types of DNS servers i.e Public DNS and Private DNS server. Public DNS servers are those servers which are provided by the international companies whose works are privates whereas private DNS servers are provided by the ISP and they are not secure as Public DNS server. Hope you have configured to the custom DNS server and keep surfing internet smoothly,

Video for Fastest ps4 DNS server

Watching this video you can set up your ps4 for the fastest internet connection and i promise this will works even more better